advanced recreational gymnastics

advanced recreational gymnastics

Our advanced recreational classes are targeting children who wish to focus on their technique and strength more than that of a recreational class. 

Gymnasts train between 2 - 3 hours per week These girls enter local club competitions and regional floor and vault competitions within the White and Blue categories. 

Advanced recreational class - This classes is targeted at gymnasts age 7-10

Rec4+ - This class is targeted at gymnasts age 11-16

Both of these classes are invite only


Every year the recreational classes have the opportunity to take part in our Christmas Show! This is a wonderful way to end the year celebrating all their hard work, and for parents to see their progress displayed in fun routines! Forms to take part go out in the first week of October so look out for them and prepare to get festive!

Club Championships

In the Summer term, all our recreational gymnasts are invited to take part in our club championships, competing against all the other gymnasts across the club of the same age and class level. 

Please see below our Advanced recreational training timetable:

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