Airborne Gymnastics  is a newly formed club that is affiliated with the governing body, British Gymnastics and is also strongly backed by the Ascot and Maidenhead School Sports Partnership.

We are a recreational gymnastics club that wants to produce more opportunities for children to participate in gymnastics and allow them the chance to train and become familiar with basic gymnastic skills that will not only advance them within the sport but also teach them everyday skills such as balance and co-ordination.

Although a recreational club, we are looking to give the children chances to challenge themselves through opportunities to showcase their gymnastics whether this be through festivals, badge work schemes or local competitions.

Airborne is a club that has been put together in a way to which you as parents can go away knowing that you have left your child in a safe, child friendly environment, to which all of the coaches are qualified to the correct level.

What kind of gymnast do you want to be?


Airborne Gymnastics Club

Newlands Girls' School

Farm Road



Telephone : 07736 727 363